Vegetable and Organic Gardening

How to have a Green Thumb Without an Aching Back – a New Method of Mulch Gardening by Ruth Stout, Cornerstone Library, Simon & Schuster.

Written almost 40 years ago by a delightfully eccentric woman, the information is very relevant to sustainable gardening today. Ruth’s technique of sheet mulching drastically reduced her work, improved the soil, and produced great crops without chemicals or watering.
Link to Green Thumb Without an Aching Back by Ruth Stout
Jeff Ball’s 60 Minute Garden by Jeff Ball, Rodale Press.

This is a very good “ how to” resource to make highly efficient use of space, water, and your time while maximizing your vegetable harvest.
Link to Jeff Ball's 60 Minute Garden
Gaia’s Garden, a Guide to Home Scale Permaculture by Toby Hemenway, Chelsea Green Publishing Company.

This book provides a comprehensive and exciting explanation of permaculture that will help you minimize the work of growing your own food when you create an ecosystem that balances the needs of humans and nature.
Link to Gaia's Garden