Lisa’s Garden

A Cottage-Style Xeriscaped Front Yard

Lisa's yard before the xeriscape project

Lisa's garden before the xeriscape project

These homeowners wanted a low-maintenance, low-water front yard that would look attractive and fit with the cottage style of their white picket fence. To save on costs, they opted to do the work themselves. After designing the layout and choosing which plants they would use, they rented a sod cutter and went to work taking out all of the lawn. (Although they kept some lawn in the backyard for their dogs!)

Removing the sod from the existing lawn area

The young but mature walnut tree stayed and they kept their fingers crossed that it would survive the root damage it incurred while they had to dig new trenches to re-route the existing irrigation system.

Installing the irrigation system

Installation of the water-saving irrigation system

A new patio area fulfilled their wish for an outdoor area to enjoy the evenings and socializing with their neighbours, while the adjoining pathway meandered around a walled planting bed to be filled with a mix of ornamentals and vegetables.

Construction of the brick pathway

Construction of the brick pathway leading to the back patio

After bringing in mulch and loamy soil to amend the existing clay soil, the fun part began! Planting. Shrubs and ornamental grasses that will reach 5 feet were planted along the fence line for privacy with a mix of white, yellow, purple and red perennials that will self-seed and fill out over time providing color.

Plants set out for planting

Setting out shrubs, grasses and perennials for planting

A wrought iron bench positioned to take in a picturesque neighbourhood view and oak rain barrel for collecting rain water finished off the look.

side view of the completed project

Side view of the completed xeriscape garden project

Lastly, a layer of Ogo-grow mulch went on top of the soil and around the plants to retain soil moisture, prevent weed growth, and protect the plant roots in the hot summer and cold winter.

Front view of Lisa's completed garden

A wrought iron bench provides a wonderful view of Lisa's hard work