Tiger Eyes Sumac

Common name Tiger Eyes Sumac
Latin name Rhus typhina 'Tiger Eyes'
Type Shrub
Height 4-6'
Spread 4-10' Spreader
Light & Water
Full sun:
Full sun:
Zone 4
Bloom month August
Bloom colour Yellow/green
Foliage colour Chautreuse
Foliage categories Chartreuse
  • Deer resistant
  • Fall colour
  • Food for birds
  • Spreader/self-seeder (Spreader)

Lemon-lime foliage turns intense yellow/orange/scarlet in fall. Upright fuzzy purple/pink stems add contrast to draping finely dissected leaves. Grows into an upright, rounded form. Female plants produce hairy, dark red fruit. Plant spreads by suckers but is much less vigorous than it's native parent. Poor soil and dry conditions (once established) will keep it compact.

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