Websites of Interest

The Evergreen Foundation

Evergreen is a national non-profit environmental organization with a mandate to bring nature to our cities through naturalization projects. The website has a wealth of information, including details of how to apply for their grants. It is especially useful for school garden projects.
Link to the Evergreen Foundation website by OXA, Kelowna
Naturescape B.C.

The Naturescape British Columbia program helps homeowners and communities restore, preserve, and enhance wildlife habitat in urban and rural landscapes. The resource guides for specific regions can be ordered here. The Provincial Guide is also available online as a pdf.
Link to Naturescape British Columbia Progar website by OXA, Kelowna
Field Guide to Noxious
and other selected weeds of BC

Good photos of many of our common garden weeds can be found in the Field Guide to Noxious and Other Selected Weeds of British Columbia on this B.C. Ministry of Agriculture and Lands site.
Link to the BC Ministry's Guide to Noxious Weeds website by OXA, Kelowna

Okanagan WaterWise
Okanagan Waterwise is an Okanagan Basin Water Board program to reduce water use in the valley. It has many tips and activities for households, schools and the community plus links to further information.

Make Water Work is an Okanagan Basin Water Board program to reduce water use in the landscape check for tips and an annual pledge contest.

Link to the OBWB's Waterwise Project website by OXA, Kelowna
Drought Smart Plants

Drought Smart Plants are the wave of the future - Succulents, Sedum, Sempervivum and Thyme for Dry Gardens, Xeriscape Patios and Green Roofs. This site has a lot of useful information on growing these plants.
Drought Smart Plants website link by Okanagan Xeriscape Association
Waterkind Consulting Services Ltd.

Waterkind is 80 years of irrigation experience at your fingertips. Our team of irrigation professionals includes Certified Irrigation Designers, Certified Landscape Irrigation Auditors and Water Management System Experts. We believe in continually expanding our level of knowledge and certification to ensure that our clients receive the best possible product, be it a design, workshop or landscape irrigation audit. Along with experience, the Waterkind team brings a drive to create excellence in irrigation. We work with our clients to provide greenspaces that meet their needs while always being sensitive to the conditions in which the space exists and in partcular, ensuring the very careful use of our limited and most precious resource; water.
Link to Waterkind Consulting Services website by OXA, Kelowna
Waterwise Landscape Design

Waterwise Landscape Design uses xeriscape principles to create residential, commercial and industrial xeriscapes that conserve water, reduce maintenance time, and are in sync with nature.
Link to Waterwise Landscape Design in Kelowna BC
World of Worms

World of Worms is a Kelowna-based company created to make worm composting as simple as possible for you. The site goes through the entire vermicomposting process, from buying your worms and composter to teaching you how to use and care for them, to harvesting the final products and showing you all of the amazing benefits of worm composting.
Link to World of Worms website by OXA, Kelowna
Bluestem Nursery

This B.C. Interior mail-order nursery has a wealth of information on ornamental grasses and is a supplier for Enviro-Turf (a low-mow, low-grow, low-water turf grass mix)
Link to Bluestem Nursery website by OXA, Kelowna
Dusty Shovel Gardens

Based in Vernon, this company specializes in renovating residential yards using xeriscape principles. Most of the plants used are field grown in the family-run Nursery, where they are tested for drought/heat tolerance, winter hardiness and maintenance requirements. Retail sales of perennials and shrubs, many of which are native, by appointment only. For a plant list or appointment please contact
Link to Dusty Shovel website by OXA, Kelowna
Grasslands Nursery & Garden Supplies

Located in Summerland, this nursery is a very good source of xeriscape and Okanagan native plants as well as a great source of information regarding both xeriscape and permascape gardening.
Link to Grasslands Nursery website by OXA, Kelowna
Sagebrush Nursery

One of the few suppliers of Okanagan native plants, this Okanagan native plant nursery is located in Oliver.
Link to Sagebrush Nursery website by OXA, Kelowna
Wild Bloom Nursery

This Kelowna nursery specializes in, but is not limited to, native and non-native drought-tolerant xeriscape plants. Their goal is to help you create beautiful, eco and wildlife-friendly gardens using water smart plants and sustainable, best-for-the-earth gardening methods.
link to Wildbloom Nursery by OXA