Xeriscape Gardens

North Okanagan

Allan Brooks Nature Centre

250 Allan Brooks Way, Vernon

Situated off Commonage Road, The Centre is open May to September. Nature related classes are available (250-558-4208). Native plant gardens were planted in 2001 and weaned off water in 2003. This excellent challenging test site above the military camp (hot, dry, sunny and windy) has lots of different species. Plants are labelled.

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Link to the Allan Brooks Nature Centre in Vernon

Central Okanagan

The UnH20 Demonstration Garden

4075 Gordon Drive, Kelowna

The OXA’s 4,000 square foot demonstration garden has six theme areas – Mediterranean, Butterfly, Native Plant, Ornamental Grass, Alternative Lawn and Rock Garden to illustrate colourful possibilities in a xeriscape landscape. Plants are labelled and an informative brochure, complete with plant list, is available in the garden or online.

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Link to the UnH2O Demonstration Gardens in Kelowna

West Kelowna Xeriscape Spirit Square Garden

2569 May Street, West Kelowna

In 2022, OXA created a new demonstration garden in collaboration with the City of West Kelowna and the support of the Okanagan Basin Water Board, called the West Kelowna Xeriscape Spirit Square Garden.

This 600-square-foot garden is located in the Westbank Centre Park and illustrates many different perennials and new cultivars which are drought-tolerant. Details about the garden and a plant list are available using the link below.

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Link to the UnH2O Demonstration Gardens in Kelowna

South Okanagan

Summerland Ornamental Gardens

Off Highway 97 south of Summerland

The original historic gardens were planted in the 1920’s. An extensive xeriscape test site was planted in the early 1990’s using natives, common garden plants and many varieties introduced from Colorado and New Mexico. Due to a lack of funding for maintenance, the site was overgrown by Gypsophila paniculata (Common Baby’s Breath), an ornamental that has become a noxious weed in the South Okanagan. Restoration has been ongoing since 2000. A xeriscape display garden was planted in 2001. A Butterfly Garden, a Native Plant Garden, a Welcome Garden of perennials and ornamental grasses and a Rain Garden have been added in the past few years.

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Link to the Summerland Ornamental Gardens in the South Okanagan

Penticton Xeriscape Garden

In Marina Park, east of the Penticton Art Gallery, Marina Park Way

The garden shows combinations of indigenous and non-indigenous drought-tolerant plants that could be replicated on a typical urban property to create a water-wise landscape. It is comprised of three distinct planting areas of similar water usage designated in the plans, in the extensive online brochure, by three distinct colour codes.

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Link to the Penticton Xeriscape Garden in the South Okanagan

Osoyoos Desert Centre

14580 -146th Avenue, Osoyoos

The Osoyoos Desert Centre is a 67 acre nature interpretive facility where visitors can learn about desert ecology, habitat restoration and conservation of endangered ecosystems in the South Okanagan. It includes a guided or self-guided tour along a 1.5 km elevated wooden boardwalk, an interpretive facility with hands-on exhibits, and a native plant demonstration garden.

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Link to the Osoyoos Desert Centre in the South Okanagan