What is Xeriscape?

If you want your garden to give you the maximum enjoyment and value for your expenditure of time and money, xeriscaping is the answer! Xeri (rhymes with terra) is the Greek word for dry. Xeriscaping is gardening with the natural environmental conditions you live in rather than fighting against them.

Rather than a specific look, xeriscape is a method of landscaping that can be applied to almost any style of landscape or garden. There are hundreds of plants that thrive in low water conditions. Many of them are plants we commonly use in our gardens now.

By following the Seven Principles of Xeriscape, including choosing plants which thrive in the Okanagan’s specific region and climate, you can have a lush, healthy garden which requires minimal irrigation, maintenance, and pest control.

By adopting xeriscape techniques you can create a beautiful, sustainable landscape, eliminating chemical use, conserving water and creating habitat for birds and butterflies.

Most important:
RELAX and ENJOY your garden!


Xeriscape increases home value

Home Value

Enhances the value of your home with an attractive and water conserving landscape

Xeriscape gardens reduce water use

Reduce Water Use

Depending on the design and the plants used, water use can be reduced by over 50%

Xeriscape gardening saves time

Saves Time

Xeriscape gardens require less watering, trimming, weeding and mowing

xeriscape gardening saves money


Xeriscpe gardens require less water, chemicals, fertilizer, and replacement of dead plants

xeriscape gardening eliminates pesticide use


Eliminates pesticide/herbicide use– plants growing in their ideal conditions thrive

Xeriscape Gardening provides a healthy environment


Protects your family’s health and that of the environment– including keeping poisonous chemicals out of our water

Xeriscape Gardening Resources on Our Site

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Planting Guidelines

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