The Okanagan Xeriscape Association welcomes you to our website! We are a non-profit organization providing in-depth information on xeriscaping. Inside the website you will find:

  • Why xeriscape is perfect for the Okanagan environment and learn how you can start conserving water in your own landscape.
  • Articles and information on how to xeriscape for both new and established gardens, including a complete description of the Seven Principles of Xeriscape to get you started.
  • Our searchable Okanagan Plant Database to help you find the best plants for your garden conditions. If you find this database useful, we hope you will support it by buying a membership to OXA.
  • Current information about our Xeriscape Gardening Classes which run twice a year, in the spring and fall, as well as any other special workshops, classes or events.
  • A complete guide to our UnH2O Demonstration Garden – a 4,000 square foot garden, planted in 2010, which includes five theme areas to illustrate xeriscape possiblities. You can view each garden with plant lists included – the Native Plant Garden, Rock Garden, Ornamental Grass Garden, Mediterranean Garden and Butterfly Garden.
  • Inspiration in our Xeriscape Galleries, which includes photographs and stories showing xeriscape in action right here in the Okanagan including winners from our 2011 and 2013 Xeriscape Garden Contests, Lisa’s Garden, Saskia’s Garden and Xeriscape is Briliant, which showcases the beautiful colours that can be found in a xeriscape landscape.
  • Informative resources, including an extensive list of the best books on xeriscape for our climate, links to websites of interest for Okanagan xeriscape gardening and a directory of xeriscape demonstration gardens to visit in the Okanagan.

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